Mineral Powder Makeup by Sheer Cover Studio


Mineral powder makeup from Sheer Cover Studio™

Mineral power makeup is one of the hottest trends in the beauty sector, as it offers fabulous coverage for women like you.

Even Hollywood makeup artists are seeing the benefits of this fabulous product – and nothing is stopping YOU from doing the same.

Not only is our makeup gentle and not irritating on your skin, it’s free of any oils, perfumes, talc or dyes. The natural pigments found in the foundation blend with your skin's natural oils to give you a healthy, luminous glow.

And, as our mineral powder makeup is finely ground, you can achieve superb coverage without looking "caked" in makeup.

In fact, because our powders are so light and comfortable to wear, your friends will struggle to notice you're wearing any makeup at all!

Benefit from excellent coverage

From uneven skin tone and age spots, to birth marks, dark circles under the eyes and blemishes, our mineral makeup will take care of all of it.

As mineral foundation is sweat-proof, it means you don't need to constantly reapply during the day.

With such a long list of benefits, it's easy to see why our mineral products really are changing the face of beauty.