Mineral foundation by Sheer Cover Studio™

There has been major buzz around mineral foundation of late - and it is easy to see why. Unlike normal, liquid foundation, mineral backup uses finely ground powder which you apply in a buffing motion, using a brush.

Sheer Cover Studio™ Perfect Shade® mineral foundation boasts a number of advantages over standard, liquid makeup. You won't find any oils, talc, dyes or perfume in Sheer Cover Studio™ products. Secondly, with features including Trueshade Technology® to help ensure the perfect colour match as well as light-reflecting minerals for an instant soft-focus effect.

Moreover, Sheer Cover Studio™ is ideal for covering up unsightly blemishes. Whether you want to hide break outs, uneven skin, pores, dry and aging skin, dark circles under the eyes or any other imperfections, then Sheer Cover Studio™ Perfect Shade® mineral foundation will take care of it. With mineral foundation, your skin will benefit from an attractive, luminous glow and will be healthier and protected, too.

These are just some of qualities that have led to the increased popularity in mineral makeup amongst professional Hollywood makeup artists and real women like you.

Sheer Cover Studio™ foundation - easy to apply

As Sheer Cover Studio™ mineral foundation is finely ground, it is quick and easy to apply - especially if you are using a specially designed Sheer Cover® brush.

Sheer Cover Studio™ makeup uses natural minerals which makes all products sweat, tear and water resistant - so you don't have to constantly reapply and touch-up during the day. Simply build up the mineral foundation in layers until you have the perfect amount of cover for your needs, and you'll see your skin's flaws virtually disappear. Application is easy so you'll achieve flawless coverage quickly and, because mineral powder makeup is so light, they are immensely comfortable to wear, too.

With such outstanding qualities, it is easy to see why Sheer Cover Studio™ Perfect Shade® mineral foundation is changing the face of beauty.