Mineral Makeup

Discover the best mineral makeup from Sheer Cover Studio™

Mineral makeup is one of the hottest innovations in beauty right now – and for good reason.

Although Hollywood makeup artists are raving about the coverage mineral foundation offers, mineral products aren't just for film stars, they’re for real women just like you.

To ensure you always look your best, mineral makeup hides imperfections and gives you a healthy glow. It’s also incredibly easy to apply – especially if you use a Sheer Cover Studio™ brush.

So, like the professional makeup artists who cater to famous stars, the beautiful, natural finish achievable with Sheer Cover Studio™ will amaze you too.

Achieve unrivalled coverage thanks to mineral makeup

Sheer Cover Studio™ minerals are natural, infused with skin-soothing botanicals, sun protection and anti-ageing green tea to  protect your skin from premature ageing, meaning you won't find any oils, perfumes, dyes or talc, ensuring it’s gentle and not irritating on your skin.

Pure mineral pigments lay on top of your skin to provide extraordinary coverage, while mica reflects light to minimise the look of fine lines and give you a sheer, flawless finish. The minerals work with your skin's natural oils to make imperfections seemingly disappear instantly, without looking thick, "cakey" or dull.

The result is a natural look that lasts.

How to apply mineral makeup

Our mineral makeup is finely ground, light, and easy to apply. Best of all, it hides all kinds of imperfections, letting the real you shine through.

We recommended it for dark circles, age spots, uneven skin tone, breakouts and blemishes, as well as other special cosmetic needs such as scars, birthmarks and broken capillaries.

With Sheer Cover Studio™ mineral powder makeup, virtually any skin blemish can be hidden. You can even use it on your arms, legs, neck and across your body to hide all skin imperfections.

However, that's not to say that mineral make up is purely for those wishing to hide their skin flaws.

Everyone will love the natural looking, flawless finish and the healthy glow. Therefore, regardless of how you wear it, our mineral make up will make you feel confident, carefree and beautiful!