Sheer Cover Studio

Trust Sheer Cover Studio™ concealer to offer great cover

Sheer Cover Studio™ Conceal & Brighten Trio allows you to cover imperfections and revel in wonderfully flawless skin. Our creamy concealer hides redness, blemishes, under eye circles and even birthmarks.

It gives you an excellent base level with which you can then start applying Sheer Cover Studio™ Perfect Shade® Mineral Foundation – which also offers great coverage on problem areas – while giving your skin a healthy, luminous glow.

Like our mineral powder makeup, our Conceal & Brighten Trio is available in light/medium, medium/tan and tan/dark shades. With such a wide range, you can see why our products are the perfect choice for those who typically struggle to find a shade that matches their skin tone.

Each pot contains two comparable – but subtly different – shades, so it’s straightforward to custom blend and create the ideal tone to match your complexion. And, after applying, you'll be amazed as your skin imperfections virtually disappear!

Applying Sheer Cover Studio™ Conceal & Brighten Trio

Like all Sheer Cover Studio™ makeup, our Conceal & Brighten Trio is easy to apply, allowing you to achieve professional-level results quickly and simply.

To camouflage problem areas, such as spots, uneven skin and age spots, use a Sheer Cover Studio™ brush or your fingertip and lightly dab the concealer on the imperfections. The same method can be used around the eyes to lighten shadows.

For more notable blemishes, use the Conceal & Brighten Trio to fully cover the problem area, apply foundation as you would regularly, before dipping your concealer brush into the foundation and adding a small, final dab. This will ensure great coverage and, as our mineral make up is sweat-proof, you won't have to reapply during the day.

Importantly, remember that with the Sheer Cover Studio™ Conceal & Brighten Trio, a little goes a very long way.